Ernesto Aguilar

Born in East Houston, Ernesto Aguilar’s life was transformed one night as a teenager, when he accidentally discovered public media. That brush with visionary culture informed a career in media rooted in creating opportunities for all Americans.

Whether it is representing a diversity of media outlets, or leading content initiatives, or helping organizations think through their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies, Aguilar’s attention is on democracy, belonging and engagement. These endeavors began with journalism in Houston and continue with leadership today at America's most successful public media organization, KQED in San Francisco.

A Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education Fellow (Advanced Leadership), Sulzberger Executive Leadership Fellow and Public Media CEO/COO Bootcamp selection, Aguilar holds a degree in journalism, with minors in sociology and Women’s Studies, as well as a Management and Leadership Certification from the University of Houston and a Nonprofit Fund Development Certification from Rice University.

What I Do

Thought Leadership

From emergent digital to programming strategy, forecasting public media's future.

Striving for Equity

Supporting diverse voices in our space.

Community Building

Linking media to community to create belonging in broadcast.

Media Advancement

Public speaking and education aimed at supporting next practices.